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On the way to vacation

On the way to vacation

That's the big start! And for many this year, the summer holidays will be organized in France. The French prefer the car to get around.

So we asked ourselves the question, how do we keep the children busy during these long trips?

Some are fans of leaving at night, the children sleep and in addition we avoid the world! Yes, why not :)

For those who leave for the day, we have selected activities to do with the family in joy and... good humor!

1- We sing

Each in turn chooses their song, we all sing the choruses together. For the little ones we select the essential nursery rhymes. A hen on a wall..

2- We count, we find the colors, we play riddles

Why not take advantage of the trip to organize QUIZS! We play by checking and working on our knowledge. What color is the truck? How many motorcycles are there? I have 4 legs, I'm very soft, I love caresses... who am I? Of course we can go up in difficulty :)

3- We listen to stories

The virtues of audio stories no longer need to be demonstrated, they allow children to work on their language but also their imaginations. To listen without moderation.

4- We split the journey

The notion of time can be managed. A 6h journey is not the same as a 3 times 2h journey. So we break the journey down into pieces. More than 1 hour of travel and we stop. Each "piece" of the journey then seems shorter.

5- Hereenough now, let's sleep!

Do you feel lulled by the purr of the engine? Don't struggle! Sleep! :)

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