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Aesh-Avs, a truly inclusive school?

Aesh-Avs, a truly inclusive school?

In France, a accompanying student with disabilities (AESH), formerly known as school assistant (AVS) is a person who intervenes in schools, from kindergarten to high school, to help children with disabilities. This disability can range from attention disorder (ADD, ADHD) to severe motor disability, through autism spectrum disorder (ASD), trisomy or a disease such as cancer. The AESH support these children so that they benefit from the most "normal" education possible.

Every year, no fewer than 340,000 students are affected.

At the end of 2019, according to figures from the Ministry of National Education, 95,500 AESH were active, including 16,600 on permanent contracts, i.e. less than 17%! As for their salaries, they vary between 600 and 800 euros per month...

These major players in inclusive education are unfortunately very undervalued and perform precarious work. Even those who choose this profession out of vocation and love are discouraged.

The government must act. For lack of accompanying persons, thousands of children are and will be penalized.

The procedure for obtaining an AESH

  • Compilation of a file with the request of the parents or the teaching staff as well as all the compulsory documents. An individual approach by the parents is possible.

  • The multidisciplinary team evaluates and proposes to set up a PPS (personalized schooling project) with the support methods for the student.
  • The request is sent to the MDPH of the department. There is generally an annual date to respect for the filing of the file.
  • Then it is the C.D.A.P.H (commission of rights of the MDPH) which makes its decision. Decisions made can be appealed.

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