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What toy to give to an autistic child?

What toy to give to an autistic child?

It's the big day, the birthday, Christmas, the first tooth that falls out or for no particular reason, just for fun.. Yes, but here we are, the dilemma is daunting: what do we offer him ? Because it's not always easy to find games and toys that can please and interest a child with autism spectrum disorders, we have selected a list of nuggets that will help you make your choice.

  • Games, toys and solutions that promote his need to refocus and return to calm.

The JILU choice: The ear muffs, the Manimo lizard, the blanket, the plaid weighted, or the Rubik's and the focus pillow.

  • Sensory activities and thrills!

Why not also offer him activities that will explode his senses?

The JILU choice: Balance board, skateboard , the Poping stick. or balls and sensory blocks.

  • Fidgets to help with self-regulation

A fidget will respond to certain sensory needs that can lead to stereotypies such as chewing on its sleeve, swinging, fiddling with objects...

The JILU choice: collection Fidget and collection chewing tools

  • Visual aids in the form of playful pictograms to develop language, autonomy and self-confidence.

The JILU choice: I Learn Autonomy through Play with Tom and Suzie, Emotions Memo and Daily Life.

  • Create a sensory chamber

Gifts around the sensory habitat such as products to create a sensory room inspired by the Snoezelen approach.

Find our collection here

You now have all the keys to offer the perfect gift. So now it's time to party! 🥳

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