Jeux et jouets sensoriels et de motricité pour enfants



Equitherapy also called hippotherapy, what is it?

Equitherapy is the art of healing the mind through the mediation of the horse.

Equitherapy relies on a winning trio: the horse, the child and the therapist. It has many benefits, cognitively and behaviourally, mentally and bodily.

For whom?

Equine therapists can intervene to take care of children, adolescents or adults with disabilities, having an illness, difficulties or any other specific need. Equine therapy can also be a good ally in addition to child psychiatry care for people with an autism spectrum disorder.

What are the benefits?

The child's motivation is increased tenfold with the horse because we get out of the medical context.

Equitherapy aims to improve psychological difficulties, such as anxiety, intellectual or language delay, lack of self-confidence or even certain behavioral problems. It has many benefits:

  • Psychological: it allows a development of the child, a better emotional management, a gain of self-confidence, a better communication, a socialization, but also a taking of initiative
  • Bodily: on balance and posture, tone, flexibility, lateralization, gross and fine motor skills and sensory awareness.

How does an equine therapy session go?

  • brushing the horse for a first contact with the animal, to tame
  • do specific exercises to learn how to communicate with the animal, to position yourself in front of it
  • observe the horse in freedom, discover its gestures and natural gaits
  • work on the ground, the horse being held in hand
  • being on the horse, to work on motor skills, but also come into physical contact with the animal

How much does it cost?

The price of a session varies from 50 to 60 euros. Some subsidized associations offer lower prices, between 20 and 25 euros. Most often, this type of therapy is not reimbursed by Social Security, but some mutuals offer a flat-rate reimbursement.

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