Jeux et jouets sensoriels pour enfants

Sensory balls

Sensory balls

Stimulate your child by having them handle sensory balls.

They offer unique tactile and procioceptive sensations and allow you to build muscle and work on the dexterity of the fingers of the hand, without noticing it.

Playful, they encourage exploration. These activity balls promote the development of touch, stimulate sensory development, agility and grip. Ideal for sensory exploration and tactile development of children.

Also, by having fun throwing them, the child improves the coordination of his gestures. They stimulate physical activity and promote muscle tone.

So it's also a great way to develop children's motor skills. Another benefit, the practice of ball games will help the child to become aware of his body and to better perceive spatial notions. So many stages that it is important to promote as best as possible by offering children different games around the ball and the ball.

Discover our selection of sensory balls that will allow children to stimulate all their senses thanks to their different textures, shapes, densities, sizes, weights and colours. They can throw them, roll them, squeeze them, stretch them and even shake them!

Sensory Balls Collection

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