Jilu Jouets et jeux sensoriels enfants



From movement comes life!

From birth, children have motor and sensory experiences that give them emotions and sensations. Through these experiences, he discovers his body, develops his intelligence, understands his environment and the functioning of social relationships.

Everything is related to the psychomotor function. To move without thinking, without feeling emotions is impossible.

Parents of children with special needs do not always know how to best support their children: help them gain self-confidence, give them a taste for learning, arouse their curiosity, reassure them, teach them to manage and overcome their fears or to communicate to them the codes of knowing how to live together.

Psychomotor education then takes on its full meaning. It is through the body, fun and play that psychomotricity will promote the overall development of the child and accompany him in his life learning. It is an aid, a positive experience that allows children to be given a time and a space that are dedicated to them, in which they will be perfectly free to express themselves, to experiment and to progress, each at their own pace.

Find our selection gross motor skills and our selection fine motor skills.

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