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Children and screens

Children and screens

Exposure to digital media is on the rise in family life, as are concerns about the effects of screen time on children and families.

The subject of the impact of screens is one of the most current topics that parents are concerned about. Screens can have negative effects on certain cognitive functions such as language or attention and have consequences on the physical health of children (sleep, physical inactivity, risk of overweight).

But these negative effects are mostly related to poor use of the media (excessive time, unsuitable content). However, these digital tools, well used, can be great supports for awakening and intelligence.

The challenge then is to use the right screen wisely as a learning and educational tool for children with specific needs and thus give them the opportunity to express their full potential. The computer becomes a real means of compensation for children with dyspraxia, for example, allowing them to write, draw, communicate.

The digital tablet, for its part, is a medium that brings new concrete perspectives in terms of learning and assistance with autonomy. With lights, colors and sounds, the screen captures attention and promotes concentration, a key point for children with ASD. What changes a lot with the tablet is that it can be transported everywhere and changes the “one place = one learning” model. Even if they are great tools to help development, awakening and learning, the use of screens needs to be organized and supervised by parents. Children are sometimes hyper-sensitive to the effects of screen time and digital addiction.

So let's not deprive our children of the educational potential of screens, but let's supervise them, according to their age and sensitivity. And let's not forget that for personal development, there is nothing better than using your hands to discover the world and be bored! This promotes creativity and autonomy.

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