Le bac sensoriel

The sensory bin

The sensory bin

Are you familiar with sensory bins? These are bins in which different things are poured for children to have fun discovering, playing, touching, smelling and feeling. They are also called sensory boxes or touch boxes. A sensory bin is like a world of discovery in a box. It allows you to experiment, learn and play without direction, giving free rein to your creativity.

The sensory bin has a great educational and pedagogical interest. Children need to be offered activities that will help them understand the world around them. The sensory tray is then a great tool that allows them to experiment with their senses, their imagination, their motor skills and their creativity by making a thousand and one discoveries.

Tips for creating a sensory bin: Equip yourself with a sensory bin, add sand and your child's favorite figurines or Playmobil. Call him to offer him this activity and…. let the magic happen 😊

Find here our sensory water pearls and our sensory bin.

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