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Great summer vacation

Great summer vacation

The long summer holidays, that special moment.

It's summer! The time has come to break with the rhythm of everyday life and find oneself in the family cocoon. This particular time of the year when everyone is more relaxed, when the rhythms change has the effect of making our children grow and progress at all levels. They pass a milestone and can flourish almost without constraint.

It is also the time for essential activities and games. Among them the eternal games of sand and water. Children love them and their benefits are well established. Playing with sand and water, in addition to the pleasure it provides, has many educational and psychomotor virtues. The beach is a space for learning and a field of extraordinary discoveries. Water and sand are elements that change appearance and lend themselves perfectly to experimentation. You can dig holes in it, develop your creativity by building castles or just have fun with its unique texture.

We are often surprised by the time our children can spend there, showing calm and concentration. Quite simply because They have there a space of freedom and discovery, without expectation of result, responding to the simple need to play for their own pleasure.

Holidays are also the time to discover new places, new rhythms and new people. A new environment is a favorable factor for the development of the child's cerebral capacities, allowing him to awaken his senses and his curiosity. This open-mindedness is necessary for the child and contributes to his socialization. Evolving in a universe with new people and other children, smaller or larger, will have the effect of making them more benevolent and understanding. They learn to share and care for each other but also to adapt to each other.

At the end of the summer, with shared memories in our heads, we can't help but notice that our children have made considerable progress. Depending on age, they walk better, talk better, master new games, assert their character and on closer inspection it would even seem that they have gained a few centimeters....

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