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imitation games

imitation games

Imitation games are very interesting in the development of the child.

Care for their favorite stuffed animals, play at the dinette and bake a delicious cake in it, or drive a nail in, children love to play "pretend". They imitate and reproduce the gestures they have just seen and the words they have just heard.

Imitation games use an action that children have experienced or observed in their daily lives, embellished with their own imagination. They allow children to escape, to invent, to create imaginary scenarios, of which they are the authors. Role-playing becomes a way for children to build themselves by projecting themselves into different adult roles. They are also perfectly advised to apprehend and manage difficult situations, to create scenes around their fears. For example, the visit to the dentist or bedtime.

Imitation games are infinitely declinable and are not "gendered". Leave the leisure to your little boys to be able to play with the dinette or to your little girls to tinker!

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