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Occupational therapy session

Occupational therapy session

Occupational therapy helps the child to become independent.

Occupational therapy is still relatively unknown in France. It is a health profession whose bases are medical, psychosocial and educational.

Is your child having difficulty in their daily activities? The occupational therapist could be the contact person for you.

The occupational therapist evaluates the development of the child in different spheres: motor, sensory, perceptual, social, etc. He then makes his recommendations and will follow the child throughout a rehabilitation process.

One of the most common reasons for referral to occupational therapy is difficulty with fine motor activities.

In fact, 30 to 60% of class time in primary school is devoted to activities requiring the mastery of fine motor skills. We are thinking here of course of writing, but also of the use of a pencil sharpener, scissors or eraser, the opening and closing of containers at snack time, dressing and undressing outerwear.

The final objective is to allow the child to maintain, recover or acquire greater autonomy and independence in their daily life.

Among the most common situations encountered by occupational therapists, we generally find different forms of autism, ADHD, learning disabilities and delays of development.

So what is the difference with psychomotricity?

The psychomotrician intervenes at the level of psychomotor disorders to offer a psycho-corporal balance while the occupational therapist works on functionality to achieve autonomy and independence On personal plans. The occupational therapist therefore works more on the adaptation of the environment, whereas the psychomotor therapist is more centered on the person in his interaction with his environment and his affects.

In most cases, occupational therapists collaborate with other health professionals such as psychometrists, physiotherapists, psychologists or speech therapists.


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