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What is Trisomy 21?

What is Trisomy 21?

The expression "trisomy 21" was proposed by Professor Jérôme Lejeune in the 1960s, then validated by an international group of scientists. It designates all the physical and biological manifestations resulting from the presence of chromosome 21 in three copies, instead of 2.

It is the presence of this extra chromosome that unbalances the entire functioning of the genome and therefore of the organism.

Specialized care (physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychomotricity) allows each child to develop their abilities as well as possible, to benefit from appropriate schooling, and to acquire the greatest possible autonomy. If medicine knows how to treat complications, and if rehabilitation is a great help, we have not yet found a way to alleviate the cognitive disorders of people with trisomy 21. Nevertheless, significant advances in knowledge of chromosome 21 have been carried out in recent years and raise real hopes.

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    Je suis en Côte d’Ivoire et jaeun fils de 9 ans qui est trisomique, quels jouets me conseillez vous pour lui

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